Laura Worthington

Laura Worthington

05 | 09

Customer Spotlight: Kevin McMahon

Art is a uniquely powerful platform. With art, we can express ourselves, exchange ideas, and even explore new worlds. Art can also help us to influence change. Kevin McMahon is a customer of mine who has utilized his design talents to educate others and lend a hand to those in need. Read More

05 | 03

Online Typography & Lettering Resources

There are quite a few resources online that offer tips and tutorials on using type, but there are a few sites that provide a plethora of information all in one place! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites here…  Read More

02 | 17

Customer Spotlight: Karen Hutchins

I love getting to know my customers. It’s always fascinating to learn about other people’s passions and creative endeavors. Once in awhile, a customer and I really hit it off and end up becoming friends. Such is the case with Karen Hutchins. Read More